Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tales of the Bard 005

Trustworthy Allies

Seifous returns with saddles full of fresh blood as the party decides to take him up on his offer of a safe haven for the day. As they travel towards his estate just a couple hours south of town. Seifous decides these poor souls could use some guidance and tells them of how he was once Pretor of Fendis Ren and how he had saved that town from the blight by making their “deal” and signing himself over to the blight. In return Seifous' will and mind remained intact and he was given a small fiefdom south of Fendis Ren to control.


As the party travels and are about to learn the year they are ambushed by 2 lesser carrion crawlers. Ploughing out of the ground the entire group is completely taken aback as 4 blight thralls are swallowed whole by the emerging worms. Jaspyr the only party member with a blade, looses grip out of terror and inexperience with an argent weapon, sends it flying past one of the crawlers. Dex motivates Jaspyr to move past the worm and pick up his weapon and try anew as Seifous releases a quick flick of the wrist and a bolt of fire scores one of the great beasts. Dismounting with great grace and skill Seifous charges headlong into the Crawlers unleashing a flurry of rapier strikes mincing the carapace of the monster. As Seig attempts flanking with claw attacks, and Dex attempts using his new robust jaws, Aranels arrows let loose and fail to hit anything but trees and rocks. Luckily Seifous' entourage surround the beasts and let loose claw after claw dealing several slicing blows to the recoiling worms. Jaspyr learns the weight of his new blade just in time as Seig gets his claw stuck in between chitinous plates of the carrion crawler. As he flaps around wildly with the bucking beast Seifous delivers a rapier pinning the monster to the ground by one of his legs. One worm flees as Seifous mounts the pinned one driving his other rapier through the brain of the devourer of dead flesh.

The other white meat

As the party gathers themselves Seig is unable to contain his hunger, wildly devouring the newly felled worm that sits before him. Jaspyr and Dex to decide to partake in this unexpected bounty so they may stave off cravings for another day. The party gathers their things as well as the blight thralls that were swallowed whole by the worm and makes for the Seifous estate.

51/1st/786ce(51-blight era)

The party finally gets an answer out of Seifous that it has been 51 years since Ostwick fell, and they had been blight thralls all that time committing unspeakable acts. They arrive at his estate just before dawn and are greeted by fields of wheat untouched by the blight, and pastures of livestock. Seifous explains to them that he lives off of the livestock here and has human servants to farm them for him. Seig and Jaspyr are particularly untrusting of this information. The hero's of Ostwick, ever cautious decide to camp outside of The lavish if slightly rundown home of Seifous. Seifous needing rest also decides to retire to his chambers for the day. A morning and afternoon later Seifous meets with our party again to determine their next course of action. He reveals to them that King Romos of Proteria is the Blight King and controls much of the blight forces. However he wishes a more neutral standing in the war Seifous tends to be of too little influence and importance to warrant the Kings direct involvement in bringing him back into the fold. Seifous has attained a map to an ancient Magnatherian “library” that could hold answers as to how to control/cure the blight. He cannot trust the blight lords with this information, nor their living enemies. Perhaps these newly released Blight touched of strong will and virtue could prove useful in tracking down this information.

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