Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a brief history and setting of Ortelia

Commonly accepted history

Many millennia ago(Magnatherian Age) a race of beings known as the Magnatherians ruled the world of Ortelia. They were the first to master arcanum and mechanum. Building vast cities, and learning the secrets of immortality. The Magnatherians disappeared leaving behind only ruins and relics for the other races to discover many ages later.

The Current Era(CE)

It is the year 752 CE. The twin countries of Collosia and Proteria have been at war for 23 years. These realms are ruled by twin brothers Remulos(of collosia) and Romos(of proteria). The brothers have ruled these lands for as some believe, hundreds of years. It is rumoured that the twins have discovered the Magnatherian secrets of immortality.

The free states of men are a loosely affiliated group of towns, and villages of humans. They are ruled by the city state of Eastbourn. Geography has aloud the free states to persist with potential threats on all borders.

Tellion is the last foothold of elfdom in Ortelia, or so it is said. The elves came here over a thousand years ago to escape a great civil war in their northren homelands(not pictured on map).

The burning plains is home to hundreds of barbarian tribes. Orc, and goblin kin are the dominant peoples in these lands, however there are pockets of humanity and other races as well.

Welcome to Ortelia

Ortelia is a world of adventure, war, politics, magical, mechanical, opportunity, fantastic beasts, intriguing peoples, and many shades of gray.

Welcome to the DnD 4th edition campaign. The story of our intrepid adventurers will be posted within these digital pages, as well as maps, bios and drawings inspired by campaign events.