Monday, August 1, 2011

Tales of the Bard 013

Don't slip

Our adventurers decide to carry on, moving into the next cavern. Large, precarious, holes, comes to mind as they edge their way across a network of spider and darkling holes. Not far into their journey Varaxis, the only light source slips on some pebbles, and tumbles deep into one of the holes the party is trying to skirt around. Varaxis hits the ground hard, hurt penetrates into his body as he raises himself up to see he is stuck down a 50ft drop hole. With their light source gone, the party sends Jaspyr to climb down after Varaxis to bring him out of the spider hole. Jaspyr edges his way into the dark eventually finding Varaxis at the bottom, fending off some darklings attacking him from half sized passage ways leading away from the hole. Successfully fending off the darklings, Jaspyr carries our head dress wearing demon back to the top to rejoin the rest of the group.

Still traversing the room, Sieg succumbs to his weight and lack of dexterity and falls down the hole, Dex misses catching him, but Aranel dives fast, grabbing Sieg on the way down. Unfortunately, our frail blood drinking elf suddenly encumbered with an extra 300 pounds of undead weight is pulled into the hole too. Bumps, scrapes, pain, and stopping, the pair are wedge halfway down the hole. Jaspyr starts in after them, as the two holemates manoeuvre and slip and fall the rest of the way down. Aranel blessed with temporary darkvision sees the darklings coming as he tries to get Sieg boosted up and out of the hole. Sieg nearly makes it to Jaspyr when he slips and falls down on top of Aranel. The darklings take advantage and Sieg drops unconscious. Jaspyr playing the roll of elevator scoops him up and takes him up top. Varaxis meanwhile realizes that he has some rope decides to throw it down, too late to Aranel. Dex tries to go down and help Aranel, but can find no sign of him when he reaches the bottom of the hole. With no darkvision, and no light source, Dex decides to regroup with the party, lest he be taken too.

Is he awake?

Aranel wakes to find himself being dragged off, encased in web by one of the worker spiders. He manages to loose his dagger, and cut himself loose and sneaks off. Attempting to climb out of the darkling lair, Aranel slips, falls and looses touch with consciousness once again.

The companions finally make it to the other side of cavern after a few more falls, and climbs. Where is Aranel? how will we find him? and should we just leave him here?

Awake again, Aranel finds himself in a sticky situation. Naked, upside down and stuck in web and covered in a viscous liquid. He pulls together some strength deep within himself to wriggle himself loose, slamming hard on the wet cold stone floor. He sees other animals, ensnared and dead hanging in the web, no gear, no clothes, what to do? Shit, someone is coming. A small darkling comes into the cavern where Aranel was hanging to find a naked, and very much animated Elf standing there. After screaming, the darking is pounced upon. Aranels, tusk like fangs, newly grown back sink deep into the meaty tissue of the creatures throat. The elf rises, blood fresh and makes for an escape. Turning one corridor, two corridors he is assailed by darklings hot on his trail and is overwhelmed again.

Noise, and battle sounds, unmistakable that has to be Aranel causing a stir down there Varaxis thinks. He and Jaspyr set out to retrieve Aranel while Dex and Sieg sit in the dark, waiting, and trying not to go mad with darkness all around. Hot on the trail Jaspyr and Varaxis find their charge, and do away with the darklings hauling Aranel away. As Jaspyr drags the elf away, Varaxis is shot with an arrow that miraculously turns to web sticking him in place. Fire, the fire burns foes, as well as webbing, as well as tiefling. Eventually Varaxis and Jaspyr route the darklings and escape with Aranel, and a special new bow. Uptop, the clothe Aranel in a spare cloak and head on, with the pressure of loosing time to this darkling pit.

Try it this way, no no no, the other way

The next chamber is filled with stone tablets, strewn about with a circular patterned ring in the floor. At the center of the rings is a imprint where the Argos Librarium upon Varaxis arm can be set in. Varaxis tries it, nothing happens as the others realize they have to put the pieces back together to activate it. After figuring out the puzzle, the party puts all the pieces in the right order, activate the dias and stand back. A door opens, as a bright light fills the chamber.