Monday, February 21, 2011

Tales of the Bard, Riannen Allenainium

A chance meeting

Their stories are often told, but do you know their humble beginnings? They weren't always the subject of great debate, their deeds of grandeur could only be perceived by those mystics that can see through time itself. It is a funny thing how something so amazing and fantastical can grow out of a seed of pure random chance. Ostwick, ha, who would have thought it would have all started in that little crossroads town.


The trees are gaining colour and the harvest is in full swing. Lord Brightholm hero of the goblin advance, has marched north to settle a dispute with the Tellion elves. Highwaymen plague the southern road to is business as usual.

It was a beautiful day when Dex Brightweather decided to take a walk to explore this village that thinks its a town. What are the chances of Dex running into old Abe Freemouth? 1:1 if you believe in destiny I suppose. If Dex hadn't decided to walk down that road, nay, if he hadn't of turned his head at just that time, who knows what sort of world we would live in today? If it had been some Lance, or Corey, or Biff, this would be a different tale indeed.

You see, Abe had recognized that “pointy eared bastard” of a half elf from years ago, when Abe knew Dex's dear old dad. As the two chatted about the olden days of Abe and Dex's father, disaster presented itself. One of Abe's caravans was assaulted by goblin highwaymen. This was the third such incidence in only a week and the grubby little horse eaters were getting bolder. They captured one guardsmen and failed to subdue another as the latter of the two misfortunates ran back to town to get Abe to deal with the matter. Dex being an honourable man decides he will help in any way he can. Dex must make friends in haste to ensure the job is done swiftly, and by job, i mean take out those goblin vermin. At the Lambs Head Inn Dex gets the pledge of Sieg Twiceborn, a devote dragonborn with no moral grey. A very serious and stoic Dwarf named Heimdel Wargaurd. And Jaspyr Mckillion, a man that is trying to drown out his own sorted past with drink and fighting. Abe brings about the skilled Elf Aranel that has seen too much for his limited years to aid the group in tracking down these goblin wretches.

It didn't take long for the subjects of our story to find goblin tracks. It doesn't hurt when the ignorant little whelps are so brazen as to march a waggon load of goods off road through the woods to the scummy lair. Aranel had no trouble sneaking around the camp and reporting back to the less stealthy heavily armoured crew. A plan is formed, Dex being ever so quick devises a textbook distract and flank manoeuvre for the party to execute. The goblins had far superior numbers 3:1 and the plan went off swimmingly. I wont get into details here, but a lot of swear words were uttered both in common and in goblin, and many goblin were slain this day. From Dex's strategic command to Jaspyrs unrivalled skill in goblin decapitation, to Seig and Heimdel not only providing distraction and taking hit after hit after hit, but also finding time to put the “hurt” into the local flora. And the silent and deadly Aranel who can kill multiple goblins with a single volley. Can you imagine killing a goblin with another goblins newly severed head?

The party found the poor caravan guard, urine socked gag and all, and headed on back to Ostwick with the goods.