Monday, April 4, 2011

Tales of the Bard 004

50/1st/??? evening

To catch a thief

Is it wrong to steal to feed your family? Is it wrong to steal as a means of survival in a harsh world? As our heros explored Fendis ren, they realized that they are without money, nor decent clothing or weapons by which their very survival is linked. As Jaspyr, Dex, and Seig head through town to scare children and discover the southern gate in Fendis Ren, Aranel is tasked with no easy feat for a woodsmen by trade. You see Aranel doesn't feel comfortable among people, let alone sneaking amongst their buildings and shops and guardsmen in order to steal from them. However dire times require dire actions. Would you or I act any different in those troubling times?

As he pilfers a few clotheslines and lifts some gold from the more fortunate in town, Aranel notices a lack of silver in the local economy. Using his new found wealth Aranel attempts to purchase some new weapons from a local smithy. The smithy soon realizes he is talking to “blight touched” and reluctantly sells him his wares out of two parts fear, and one part pity.

The taste

Scurrying back to the alleys our elfin blood touched goes. Searching for more gear he stumbles upon a weary guard who is alerted to this ranger turned rogue. As he is screaming for help Aranel has no choice but to take out the guard. Using perhaps too much force on one of these gaunt fendis rendians Aranel slays the guard, spilling blood all over the ally. As the beautiful crimson elixir rolls over the slumping body of the poor guardsman, Aranel feels unbridaled urges. He hears help coming, but he cannot contain himself, his thirst must be quenched at all costs. His willpower leaving him, Aranel drinks, he drinks as though a new babe sups mothers milk for the first time. He can feel the power and essence of the consumed man coursing throughout his body. It feels good, too good. How can a simple elf come back from this divine taste? Taking as much as he can, Aranel receeds into shadow once more to wait out the heat from the local authorities.

Tobias Aerilious

Meanwhile after Seig has had his fill of scaring the local youth, Dex is approached by Tobias Aerilious. Tobias is completely enthralled with our crew asking them questions about the war, and informs our weary travellers that they can stay at the inn for free and dine on the word of the towns Pretor(mayor). Tobias is wisked away suddenly by news that some blight touched has fed on one of the local guards this night.

Open the gates....please

Once our party regroups with Aranel Dex makes his way to secure the southern gatesman to open up. This does not go over well, and it takes some quick thinking and wit from our dragonborn and Jaspyr to convince the guardsmen to let them out. As they leave Fendis Ren behind, there is a shipment of Blood barrels set outside the gate. Our heros leave the barrels behind and make way down the southern road, trying to get their bearings still. Not far from town, and man on a horse with a large entourage approaches from the south. Not wanting to stir up extra trouble the party stays the course and are met by a man who introduces himself as Seifous. Seifous brings with him his blight steed and 10 blight touched. His smooth charm and interest in the party soon reveals to him what new babes to the woods our heros truly are. He tantelizes the group with hints of information and an invitation back to his estate where they will be “safe” to spend the daylight hours. As he heads to Fendis Ren, the party agrees this would be a good course of action, if for anything but to find out what year it is.

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