Monday, June 6, 2011

thoughts of a paladin

As our band of blighted heroes face what appears to be miniature blight bringers they are quickly overwhelmed and Sieg is struck down, shortly followed by Dex. In the throes of this bizarre form of death, Sieg feels a great darkness crawling over him; over his soul. His faith wanes and his mind races..

The faithful have been a dying breed in the years of late. As we clambered on in our own lives the xenophobic cultures grew less and less accepting, leading to suffering, hatred and death. It was these factors that brought me to my faith, or should I say it brought my beliefs to me. I discovered Avandra's guiding hand on the roads of travel. Traveling as an axe for hire, defense for some of the more hapless caravans, I felt a light within compelling me to help. Having heard many rumors of the god of luck, change and travel over the years, I began to feel her presence. Her light brought new life into me, gave me purpose and guidance. I pledged my axe to this light and the people it watches over and began life anew. Twiceborn as a paladin of the free people.

However, times have changed. In what's seemed like a matter of days the world has fallen into darkness and the light of my faith grows dim. Avandra's presence is faint and with the monstrosity I've become my ability to believe has waned. I've felt as though we've been abandoned and left to rot amongst the blight ridden of the world. We're burned by the light of the gods and reviled by the people. How can I prove myself and do good for the people like this.

My four compatriots and I fight for different reasons, but I sense that we are all fighting for our humanity. And as I lay here, burning in the sunlight of the Pelor and overwhelmed by the creations of blight, I wonder; do we deserve our humanity? In the countless years we were not of our mind we have most definitely committed atrocities I care not to fathom. In my personal attempts to maintain composure and sensibility I have gone mad and attempted murder of innocent beings. Maybe this change in our bodies was a sign that we are lost and we have been forsaken. And maybe this is the end.

Not all luck is as bad as it seems. Change is sometimes a necessary evil for a greater good.

A-Avandra.. I can feel your light within me once more. Your divinity flowing through my veins, albeit faintly. Perhaps this has happened for a reason. Maybe I was fated to meet these individuals and to be drawn through such trials. Perhaps we can indeed bring about a change in this world yet. We are close to an almost ancient discovery and I feel I must protect my compatriots. Avandra knows I can't do this alone and I feel a bond with them stronger than I've felt with others in a long time.
My faith was dying, but Avandra is watching over us, of that I know. Renewed in belief and love for this world I know we must push on and we must survive. We must bring about change.

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